A few "SWEET" things

What has been keeping me from "THRIVING" posts? Take a look at this sweet little thing...
This is Bridger, he's the newest and definitely the sweetest little addition to our family! 
I'm pleased to say that my time away from blogging has not been wasted... First we welcomed little Bridger to our family 12 days over due and...
wait for it.... 
These little boys have truly taken over our life!
But we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Since Bridger was born we have thrown 2 birthday parties( Bentley is now 3 and Cody is 9), Celebrated Father's day on the subfloor of the Kitchen in the middle of a total floor renovation of the first level of our home...BY OUR SELVES (note: do not attempt this single handed a mere 3 weeks after baby is born!) along with family visiting, church, school getting out, and the regular stuff life's made of.... :) We are finally getting back on track and getting geared up for life as a family of 6 now!

I also bring with me a Sweet thing for your tummy! 
Strawberry Bread
Right now strawberries are often found in abundance at the market or even your backyard and if you find yourself with more than you can eat, try this wonderful recipe from one of  my gracious clients. She's a great cook and is also building her food storage and working on delicious recipes that appeal to a busy life and a hungry family! 

For those of you who have been building your food storage for years might find yourself wondering what am I going to do with all this wheat and flour. This recipe makes a bread loaf into a delicious and simple treat. 

If you haven't tried THRIVE strawberries yet you should. I love having Healthy foods like Strawberries in my food storage, along with bread we often make syrup, add them to oatmeal or cheerios, or grab them on the go for a snack.

THRIVE in the Kitchen is always looking for features of great Pantry's with preparedness in mind along with great recipe's made with THRIVE ingredients. Please e-mail Shelbi if you are interested in being featured! thriveinthekitchen@gmail.com

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  1. How precious is that baby boy, so sweet. Congratulations!