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Introducing: Seasonings and Sauces

I'm so excited for the spices and seasonings. For me that is essential for my food storage success!

Without further ado:

Parsley (FD)
Basil (FD)
Oregano (FD)
Cilantro (FD)
Chives (FD)
Salad Seasoning Blend (FD)
Italian Seasoning Blend (FD)
Chef’s Choice Seasoning Blend
Peppercorn Seasoning Blend
All our Seasonings & Spices have a 25 Year shelf life!

 I have had them all and they are all great! My favorite was the Espagnole sauce, mostly because I'm not a beef type of person, and the meal was incredible!

Making rich chicken gravy is a breeze with THRIVE VeloutĂ© sauce! It’s just the thing for chicken dishes, pot pies, and casseroles.

Make delicious beef gravy with THRIVE Espagnole sauce! This savory brown sauce is perfect for beef or pork dishes, stews, or mashed potatoes. 

THRIVE Tomato sauce makes it easy to prepare countless family favorites. This rich red sauce is a staple for quick and easy pasta, pizza, or tomato soup! 

Make perfect white sauces in minutes with THRIVE BĂ©chamel sauce! Use this creamy white sauce to make delicious fettuccine Alfredo, cheese sauce, or potato soup.

All of our Sauces have a 10 Year Shelf Life!

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Emergency Cube Screamin' Deal

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THRIVE Emergency Cube (food for 4 people, for 1 year) the following are all #10 cans:

Fun fact: This takes up an entire pallet, which is why it is named "cube."

  • 42 Hard White Winter Wheat
  • 36 White Rice
  • 14 Pearled Barley
  • 10 Whole Wheat Flour
  • 10 White Flour
  • 8 Quick Oats
  • 8 Cornmeal
  • 8 Elbow Macaroni
  • 20 Potato Chunks
  • 12 Sweet Corn FD
  • 8 Broccoli FD
  • 4 Carrot Dices
  • 2 Banana Slices FD
  • 6 Strawberries FD
  • 8 Green Peas FD
  • 4 Raspberries FD
  • 10 Apple Slices
  • 4 Onions FD
  • 36 Powdered Milk
  • 6 Cheese Blend
  • 6 Chocolate Drink Mix
  • 6 Whole Egg Powder
  • 8 Chicken TVP
  • 14 Pinto Beans
  • 12 Black Beans
  • 4 Sausage TVP
  • 4 Ham TVP
  • 8 Lentils
  • 8 Beef TVP
  • 6 Taco TVP
  • 2 Iodized Salt
  • 2 Chicken Bouillon
  • 6 Brown Sugar
  • 6 Fudge Brownies
  • 2 Baking Powder
  • 2 Beef Bouillon
  • 10 White Sugar
  • 6 Orchard Apple Drink
  • 6 Orange Bliss Drink
  • 4 Simply Peach Drink
  • 1 THRIVE Cookbook

This is a Consultant Customized Package and Offer. This is not available from Shelf Relaince Directly, and is not honored from all Shelf Reliance Consultants! Please Call Shelbi Owen with any questions, and to place your order!!

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Being Prepared for a Winter Storm & Possible Power outage.

We often think back to "that one time we had a power outage", or "remember 19XX or 20XX when we lost power for 5, 6, even 10 days". Well In the last 7 years we have lost power in the greater Seattle area more than 4 or 5 times... and each lasted 48 hrs to 10 days. That's greater than a 50% chance that it will happen again.
Lets face it! This is a perfect example of "it's not "if" it's WHEN"!

Here are a few basic things you can do now, today, after work, with the kids, or in the next few days to help your family live more comfortably WHEN there is a power outage.

The Storm here in 2006 took our power, but it also blocked major roads and passageways for commercial trucks to bring basic needs, the outage caused stores to close or have limited groceries, and some lost all frozen items due to lack of sufficient power. ( rumor was Safeway was GIVING away ice cream... DANG!! I was 10 months prego...and stuck at home).


It's easy enough to have the right food on hand. This could save you  hundreds of dollars. Many choose to travel long distances to get to a restaurant with power because they are sick of the few things that they had on hand when the power went out. Not to mention the fact that some of the more severe storms have been dangerous ice storms in the northwest, it's not worth the risk of going out for food (if it is available) Save yourself the money now, but grabbing a few essential foods that require no cooking, minimal heating.

Banana Slices - Freeze Dried
THRIVE Bananas Last 25 years
Here are some Suggestions:
Long Lasting Foods Shelf life 3+ mo
Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwiches
Ready to go packages of Tuna-fish & Crackers
Canned Fruit, Crackers with Peanut Butter
Chips and Salsa ( buy smaller jars of salsa to have on hand)
Think of shelf stable Items that you love.
THRIVE fruits are perfect! And will store for 25+ years (If you can keep yourself from eating them)

Fresh Foods
Be Preparedness minded when you go to the grocery storm in these winter months. Pick up a few extra fresh fruits and vegetables of things that won't go bad in just a week or two.


If you have a gas stove you can cook on your stove. But you will still have limited light and will enjoy easy meal prep.  Cooking outside on a Camp stove is also an option you could turn to if days turn into a week.

Try some THRIVE Express meals if you want to have these meals ready to go for up to 10 years! ONCE and DONE!

Others Favorites
Spaghetti ( When the noodles are done and drained, add a can of sauce to the pan of noodles and stir over heat. This will save you a pan.)
Canned soups
Stove top Quesadillas
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Hot Cocoa
Here's my soapbox! 
If you have toddlers/husbands who are accustomed to mindlessly opening the refrigerator...use duct tape. This will likely save all your foods items. I have saved freezer items for 5+days, after the power is out.

Make a mental checklist of the foods you will for sure eat all or most of over the next few days. When you open the fridge pull out everything at once that you will need. This will be the last time you open your fridge Until the power is back on!

Items you might pull out:
Lunch Meat
Carrot sticks

Put all of these Items in a box or small tote. your new fridge is the front or back porch, near your door, but not right next to the house. After all it's freezing outside! If your power is out in the summer... this might not work for you... but a cooler will, if you have access to Ice...before it all melts.

Most people have valuable items in there freezers and countless items in their refrigerators that add up to a lot of money! You could save hundreds of dollars by keeping the cold in your fridge during the power outage. When the power resumes check your freezer for signs that indicate what the temperature has been. If your ice cream is still frozen your good! But you will need to check with in a short time of the power coming back on! If your fridge or freezer is poorly insulated and your items all thaw, and are not kept cold for days you might loose your food. Food will stay good if it is still cold. Check your meat for sure. If it is completely or partially frozen you can still use it. If your steaks have completely defrosted but are still cold, you might be able to have steak for dinner.

  • Stock up at each grocery trip (think it could be that last for a week or two)
  • Keep your Fridge & Freezer locked up once the power goes out!
  • Make a Box cooler for your porch if it's cold enough outside


This is a big one. And it requires you to be prepared and on top of things! DO YOUR LAUNDRY!
You probably thought I was going to say that you needed special clothes, I will mention a few things later, but one of the most important is Do NOT go to bed with clothes in the Washer, make sure they make it all the way to the dryer. The Power going out poses a big issue to modern convinces that we can't live without ;) like a washer and dryer. If the power is out for a few days your wet clothes get to sit in your washer, a basket or hang all over your bathroom drying...not fun in a dark freezing cold house.

When you are expecting a storm... Expect that you might loose power and be Prepared!

I like to make sure that I finish all loads of Laundry even if I have to stay up late to do it. Taking it to the next level is making sure you stay on top of your laundry so that you don't have dirty dish towels that have been in the pile for 3 days already waiting another 5 before you can run a load.

It's a good idea to have all winter clothes available and ready to save the stress of finding them in a pitch dark garage, or attic. If you put those types of clothes away, it's a good idea to find a corner to put them in where they are accessible, especially heavy gloves, boots and wool socks.

Keep children dressed warm and they won't care what they eat, if it's with everyone at home in the world most awesome fort by the light of the flashlight and they don't have to compete for you attention with the cell phone or Computer or TV...they will love it! Enjoy this time with your children and make memories. 

Always be prepared to help others. 

You might think that you'll just stay in your house and wait out the storm...But it might be that others are suffering a tree falling, extreme colds, lack of medications, or simply fear of the unknown. Check on those you love, knock on a neighbors door and be ready to help if someone is in need. Having your winter wear ready to go will prove very beneficial in these times of dire need to get out and help or comfort others!

Shelter & Heat

How will you home be a safe haven?
Many flee their homes when the power is out, but those who are prepared can take care of themselves, provide for their basic needs and enjoy the life with no computers or TV's for entertainment.

The Main question is... How uncomfortable are you willing to be? 

We stay home, we eat, sleep and play in peace. 
If you are living somewhere where storms or power outages are a common occurrence  you might find yourself enjoying the blessings of a home powered with natural Gas, and not 100% electricity.
A Natural Gas powered home can provide you with the following which are priceless in a power outage!We don't have a generator so we provide our our heat, and energy for cooking with gas. and are stocked up on Batteries ( but limit flashlight usage) Having a "gas" home we enjoy:
A warm Shower!
A stove to cook on ( a gas power stove will still light with a match)
A warm room or home ( the Gas powered fireplace can warm a large area)

If you are thinking about getting a gas stove or electric... STOP debating! GAS will be your love in cooking but you'll get twice the bag for your buck when you get to use it in a power outage!

If you have a gas fireplace and you have someway of containing the heat to one area of the home, you will find yourself quite comfortable. Here is one idea for blocking off your stairs - Heat rises.
I use a simple yard stick from Lowe's and add small nails down the stick about every 8 -10 inches. We then use it to secure a sheet to the ceiling around our stairs. This blocks the heat from rising and trying to fill the whole house.  We create a room that is easily 15 degrees warmer than the upstairs. (maybe even more).


Red Cross Blackout Buddy
You can always be ready for the power to go out with extra batteries ready and Flashlights all located in the same convenient location. 


We have this great little tool called the black out buddy, made by the Red Cross. When this is plugged in, it's charging. When the power goes out the light goes on. It's great to have in one room, the hall or a convenient location. It's very useful in helping to find your way in the dark house and is a flashlight when its pulled out from the wall. 

Goal Zero Light a Life 3w
GOAL ZERO lantern $44
Depending on what you are willing to endure, you can get by with little light. But light will make your time in the cold more bearable. Choosing the light for your needs is simple...what do you want to spend? Simple flashlights can be found at the dollar store, but some simple Lantern lights might make a word of difference. Candles are great to have when your flashlights won't cut it. But we aren't accustomed to living with candle light, so great care sure be used to prevent fire. NEVER fall asleep with candles on!
Cosmo Headlamp
Cosmo Head Lamp $29
100 Hour Candle
100 Hr Candle $8 
UCO Candle Lantern
UCO Candle Lantern $18

Sportsman Cap Headlight
Sportsman Head Lamp $7
Here are a few lighting options that I offer. 

A propane lantern can be used indoors for short periods of time under constant adult supervision. 


Emergency Communication Center
2 Way Radio $96
Charge your Phone when you start to wind down for the day, or as soon as you get home. If your phone goes out with no power. Your car might be able to charge it, but I'd save that option for an emergency unless you will be driving anyways! Stuck at home with a dead battery won't help much.
16 mile 2 way radio $42
Land lines will likely have power. Although land lines are a thing of the past, they are a very good idea for emergency preparedness. We have a basic little phone that plugs into the wall with a ...wait for it.... CORD! Yes we still have a home phone, that plugs into the wall, with a cord. These usually run off a small battery and the phone line. They use no power. We have still had phone service through all power outages. A damaged phone line is all that will stop your land line from working. This will also be nice if there is an emergency and all cell lines might be busy or overloaded.  If you are very concerned, the next level would be high quality walkies talkies or 2 way radios. These will still have to have been charged, but many have a charge base so that they are ready to go. 

Don't Forget!

  • Flashlights and Batteries
  • Blackout Flash Light
  • Easy make foods ( enough to last from now till the end of February)
  • Don't open your fridge
  • Accessible warm clothing
  • Keep up on Laundry
  • Charge your Phones
  • Have a Plan ahead of time!

If you are unwilling to live in survival mode a Generator will keep your comfortable, keep your TV and computer running, Fridge and Freezer powered up and maybe even your washer washing... But where's the fun in that?

Always think ahead when doing something that is new or unfamiliar to you. Use commonsense or ask for help to keep your family safe if you are uncertain about anything. Your gut will often help you find the best solution to your present situation! 

Something that I always keep as a first resource...WHEN IN DOUBT... Pray about it!

Good luck getting prepared for tomorrow!!
These are ideas and tips, there are endless way to prepare and plan ahead.
If you have preparedness tips or want to share your story please comment! It's always best to learn from others experiences!

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A few "SWEET" things

What has been keeping me from "THRIVING" posts? Take a look at this sweet little thing...
This is Bridger, he's the newest and definitely the sweetest little addition to our family! 
I'm pleased to say that my time away from blogging has not been wasted... First we welcomed little Bridger to our family 12 days over due and...
wait for it.... 
These little boys have truly taken over our life!
But we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Since Bridger was born we have thrown 2 birthday parties( Bentley is now 3 and Cody is 9), Celebrated Father's day on the subfloor of the Kitchen in the middle of a total floor renovation of the first level of our home...BY OUR SELVES (note: do not attempt this single handed a mere 3 weeks after baby is born!) along with family visiting, church, school getting out, and the regular stuff life's made of.... :) We are finally getting back on track and getting geared up for life as a family of 6 now!

I also bring with me a Sweet thing for your tummy! 
Strawberry Bread
Right now strawberries are often found in abundance at the market or even your backyard and if you find yourself with more than you can eat, try this wonderful recipe from one of  my gracious clients. She's a great cook and is also building her food storage and working on delicious recipes that appeal to a busy life and a hungry family! 

For those of you who have been building your food storage for years might find yourself wondering what am I going to do with all this wheat and flour. This recipe makes a bread loaf into a delicious and simple treat. 

If you haven't tried THRIVE strawberries yet you should. I love having Healthy foods like Strawberries in my food storage, along with bread we often make syrup, add them to oatmeal or cheerios, or grab them on the go for a snack.

THRIVE in the Kitchen is always looking for features of great Pantry's with preparedness in mind along with great recipe's made with THRIVE ingredients. Please e-mail Shelbi if you are interested in being featured!

Teacher Apprciation! Tons of printables!

Our PTA sent home a Flyer for Teacher Appreciation week to give some ideas of what you could do each day to help recognize your teacher as the angel they are.

Here's Our Flyer: Feel free to use it if your school could benefit from it.
It was a generic flyer, but printed well in black and white.

Here is what the boys and I did for Each day...


I found this idea here and made my own tags :)
Easy Idea:
I didn't photograph this, but the boys drew pictures or made designs with Elmer's Glue, and then sprinkled them with Glitter. We let this dry over night and I mounted it on colored card stock and put it in an envelope... anything with glitter on it is awesome, the kids loved it, and it will stand out as something that the kids took time to make :)

It was accompanied with this awesome cup of cookie dippers, that I had pinned on pinterest. We made our Cookies in logs approximately the size of the cup and drizzled chocolate over the top of them. Our PTA supplied a Latte Cart ( with decaf and Italian sodas available as well...) to the whole staff on Monday to kick off teacher appreciation this cup and contents were very appropriate :)

My favorite part of this gift: The cheesy line: "With you as my teacher...I'll be a smart cookie!" I love it! I have the tags I used available here for download! Makes 4 sets of tags.


Being super prego... I whipped up the tag for this last minute and didn't get any photos....Just not enough energy :( sorry!
But attaching a cute quote to a Kabob Skewer and inserting it into a potted plant is a great way to make an inexpensive gift. I got awesome pots at a yard sale($1), (but I saw some cute ones at the dollar store too...) we divided up a bedding pack of plants so it was $1.45 for 4 plants and that worked perfect as we have 4 teachers to give to!



 "be kind and be truthful
and your life will be fruitful."

Cody choose this out of several that I thought would have a good place in the Classroom! 
It just happened ;) to go so very well with the theme which was a piece of fruit.
For all of my THRIVEing parents out there, a pantry can of fruit is a great healthy snack for teachers to have around and available with their busy schedules!


My favorite :)
I loved this one! It was my favorite! I have the tag download available here. I attached a small bag of Chocolate covered raisins, not to be confused with dirt... ( why those... because I love them  and they are brown like dirt...but try c-covered almonds, nuts,bears or Brownie Mix with a  recipe... anything.)
I also had my little one (3rd grade) write a note to attach about why he likes his teacher specifically.
If you want to print out 4 of these here is a file all ready to go.



"It's so refreshing having a great teacher like you!"

 I made this with 2 options and Cody choose the big circle tag. It's available to you either way.
We filled it with sugar free strawberry lemonade packets that you add to water that will be handy anytime.

I divided up a 100 package of Blank notes (check Ross or Marshells for great stationary at great prices) and gave them to all of the Boy's teachers including church, preschool and elementary. It was a fast easy gift and it was less than $1 per teacher, but very cute.
I attached another thank you note to many.
It's included in the Sheet of Tags below.

The sheet below is handy especially if you just have 1 or 2 children to give for. 1 sheet will supply a whole week +1 of tags for your child's teacher. I print at Costco Print and Copy and it's .25 a Color Copy.

If you want a weeks worth of teacher appreciation tags on one sheet click here.


Have a great week! Here's to being prepared today!

The winner's of Lucky March!

And the winner is....Cachet. You win the THRIVE Cookbook. The cookbook is a full-color cookbook designed to help you use your Thrive Foods to the full extent. I pull mine out often, it's great for recipes and inspiration on how to use your food storage everyday! I hope that you love it and are able to find great ways to use your food storage!

And the winner is...Tanae Nelson. You are the winner of an item of your choice at 50% off. I hope this helps you build your food storage & Emergency Supply for your family. 

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Free Printable Download ♦♦ Teaching Your Children

Setting the table will be much easier when kids can be self learners. Your table can be organized and functioning with this little guide. My boys always ask "what do we need for dinner" as the set the table, as if today we were going to use BBQ tongs and toothpicks to eat our chicken and potatoes, as opposed to forks and spoons, and lap up our milk right off the table (Which I'm sure they wouldn't mind if given the chance! We are 100% boy at this house). 

This little reminder has helped them to set the table without tossing the fork about and set each place looking nice and neat. Nobody sits down missing a fork, and cups aren't forgotten about till the last minute...maybe I'm the only one with lazy table setters, but if not I hope this helps!
The back of this handy place mat is a great thing for your children to study at breakfast or anytime. It's important for our children to know why we eat all the different foods we do, and what benefit they are to our bodies. It's also important for us to remember as we are storing food, that a well rounded diet is essential to our health and our children's development. 
Enjoy talking about Health, foods, and preparedness with your children. Everything is made easier when our whole families are organized and on the same page. 
Start at the dinner table this week, and Set the table today, Learn for tomorrow and get prepared for an emergency...Get the whole family on board!

Using my local printer it was .20 for black and white 11X17 prints.
Using Costco they did full color for .69 for 11x17 prints.
I laminated them inexpensively with Contact paper, and it took me and my man about 15 minutes to double side cover 5 in contact paper.

Select your color option and download the appropriate files and send them to your printer!